Beverage Portfolio Work

Updated: Jan 18

This past week in the studio Justin is working on his Beverage Portfolio, photographing a can from TripTych Brewery.

The overall focus to any beverage shot is to make the viewer thirsty and say "I want that and I want it now!"

But there's a lot of fine details of the shoot that play into that "Wow-Factor" experience of an image.

There's hours of pre-lighting and adjusting camera angles; sometimes just millimeters at a time. Then there is dressing of the subject to get that thirst quenching look, which is manifested by the complex lighting setup.

The post production to our shoots is very minimal. We take great pride in capturing most of our finished images in camera. You may have seen our 'Clash of the Titans' series, with the Fruit Loops and milk. Those final images were all captured in camera, the only work left in post was some color correction and curves layer, to apply some contrast.

Check out a few of our favorite Beverage images we've created below.

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