• Photography Retainers: The creation of exciting dishes/drinks and weekly specials are the drivers of repeat business! Ask us today about our retainer services to keep your menu up to date.   

  • Food & Prop Stylist: Not always a necessity, but pending the complexity of the shoot it's common for food and beverage photographers to hire a Food or Prop stylist. Their role is to ensure the appearance of the food and the setting of the scene is most appealing to your customers and making the image its most impactful. 

  • Licensing: This is common practice amongst professional photographers, and is offered to the client for specific use and duration. Our standard licensing is offered to clients for up to 1 year and can be longer or extended for an additional fee.

  • Exclusive Licensing: This option is available for our clients who want to own the exclusive rights to the images. This is at an additional cost.   

  • Can the licensed images be shared with others for use?: They cannot be shared for use with 3rd party entities. However, there are extensions of the licensing agreement that can be entered. Contact us for more information.

  • Copyright Infringement: Includes, but is not limited to the claiming another’s work as your own, any manipulation (including editing) that is not done by permission, scanning a digital picture, downloading sneak peeks from the web.   

  • Post Production: Post production is completed on every image and packaged for the client to ensure the positive impact of the image, while maintaining the reputation of Waack Creative LLC. and the client as businesses of quality. 

  • US Copyright: Photographers retain the rights to the images they create, and all of our images are filed with United States Copyright Office. Federal Copyright Act of 1976. 

  • Social Media: We want you to get the most use out of the images, so yes they may be used on social media. This is included in our standard licensing agreement and we only require the listing or tagging of @WaackCreative in the caption or in the describable areas of the post. 

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